Saturday, November 10, 2012

First Food Tasting - Cocooro Catering

So full :)) arrgh! hahahaha We just had our first ever FREE food tasting, unfortunately dadhie was not able to attend with me so I let mama joined me :) Cocooro Catering is located near our place so its very convenient to attend their invite.

I talked to Aina Cruz , a co-owner of Cocooro catering that was established in late 90's. They prepared minimal dishes and few deserts during the free food tasting. Their price and packages are very affordable without sacrificing the taste of the food. They also personalize cake toppers and fondant cakes. However I was expecting a lil' more in terms of table set up since that's one of the things that I'm very particular. I attached sample pictures of their food and fondant cakes. Overall Score is 3.5 out of 5

Personalize Cake Topper! Sooo Cute!

fondant cake

Mama's Plate- hindi siya masyadong gutom :)

My Plate :)

Their showroom table set up :( i will it give 3 out of 5

My beautiful Mama!

My special favorite is "Burgundy Deglazed Pot Roast Beef"

2 deserts- Mango Jello and Buko Pandan (3 out of 5)

another personal favorite - Korean Pasta

You can reach them through this phone number
Cocooro Catering - Aina Cruz-Marquez
Facebook page -

Saturday, November 3, 2012

DIY boutonniere - Idea

Happy Sunday Y'all! No work today so more time to read blogs and browse pictures for our wedding. I saw this DIY boutonniere posted by weddings at work and I felt to in love with it. Since our wedding theme is vintage, this one is a perfect match!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

We won! :)

In continuation from my previous post about the Bridal Fair... WE WON the RAFFLE! weeeeeee....
We went home around 1 pm, we were so exhausted and hungry that's why we decided to no longer wait for their hourly raffle. We are heading back home, then someone called me from Were Engaged Bridal Fair Team that we won, at first I thought we just won 1,000 worth of something spa. hahahaha I was sleeping when they called so I cant comprehend what their saying. :) So I confirmed to them that we won 5,000 GC at SERIASIA SPA! :) Son of a swimming pool! :))))))) that was HUGE! UNBELIEVABLE. We are planning to use it next year on our 7th year anniversary! WE ARE SO LUCKY! thank you papa god! :)

Free Trial Make Up by Carl Capellan

So, aside from booking She and Him, I also took advantage of FREE stuff during the fair. :) I planned to try another HMUA however, I needed to wait for a long time. So we decided to walk and get flyers from HMUA. I never felt comfortable to some of them but I had this THIS IS IT FEELING when Carl approached me. But since dadhie was feeling sick we decided to sit for awhile and rest. When we got back to Carl, I decided to try his artistry. I felt SOOOO comfortable talking to him, I thought I know him for a long time. I love how he magically transformed me from haggard ugly duckling to a fresh and no make up look! :) I so love him and promised to book him next year! :)

VOILA! Before and After look! Thanks Carl!


Atlast, I can now share what happened last weekend. :) panakaw na oras :)  Yipeeee!! So, Dadhie and I attended the Were Engaged Bridal Fair even though he was sick. He was able to accompany me and collect TONS of flyers given out by suppliers. that's why i love him <3 LOL!

So we finally meet Sheena and Richard during the fair and officially signed the contract :) unfortunately, Wax was not available that time because of family emergency. Anyway, they are very mabait and bubbly like me so we easily get along with them, we talked about possible location for our pre-nup, any themed in mind and the progress of our wedding preparation. I asked gazillion questions to them, :) hehehehe like how much will be OOT fees, possible shoot locations and a lot more. As early as now I want to know what are the things we need to remember. We are so happy to booked them as early as now, one burden taken out of our shoulders :)

Me and Sheena :)

No time!

I'm so sad that I haven't updated my blog for a week now after we attended the Were Engaged bridal fair :( I'm so busy at work that I cant even read my emails. :( waaaaaahhhh!!! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

We are officialy ENGAGED!

WE ARE ENGAGED! :) I cant explain how happy I'm today! :)))) I thought its just a regular night but this was so special because of that special question he asked me! I cant wait to share what happened.

I was dozing off to sleep around 7:00 pm and suddenly woke up hearing the song "Just Say Yes by Nicole Scherzinger" and saw dadhie holding a box with a ring on it.  He said " will you marry me?" I was surprised and I said nothing but hug him tight, I burst out to tears because I cant still believe that it's happening but I said "Yes"(of course:) He said that he cant think of anyway to do it and he doesn't want us to attend the Bridal Fair without me wearing a ring. He was quite pissed off if someone is asking if he already proposed or Why am i not wearing a ring.

I know that It's every woman's dream to have a romantic, fairytale, flash mobbed wedding proposal, but mine was very simple yet romantic. It doesn't even matter, because the fact that he is committed to marry me and spend our lives together is PRICELESS.  HAPPY ME!

Beautiful :)