Saturday, October 27, 2012

Free Trial Make Up by Carl Capellan

So, aside from booking She and Him, I also took advantage of FREE stuff during the fair. :) I planned to try another HMUA however, I needed to wait for a long time. So we decided to walk and get flyers from HMUA. I never felt comfortable to some of them but I had this THIS IS IT FEELING when Carl approached me. But since dadhie was feeling sick we decided to sit for awhile and rest. When we got back to Carl, I decided to try his artistry. I felt SOOOO comfortable talking to him, I thought I know him for a long time. I love how he magically transformed me from haggard ugly duckling to a fresh and no make up look! :) I so love him and promised to book him next year! :)

VOILA! Before and After look! Thanks Carl!


aestheticallysavvy said...

Hi Vanessa. I super appreciate the gesture. The feeling was mutual. I also featured you on my blog. Here's the link for your perusal:

Hugs and Kisses,
Carl :)

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